Manage workspaces

NativeRest workspaces enable you to organize and work together on API projects with your team. Within each workspace you can share APIs, collections, environments, and other NativeRest elements.
When you first open NativeRest, you will be in your default personal workspace. You can create more workspaces for your personal use and to work with teammates. To create more workspaces, you need to sign in to your NativeSoft account.
To create a new workspace, click "Workspaces" on the main menu or Ctrl + W, then click "New" button.
NativeRest workspaces windows
Enter a Name and optional Description, Variables for your workspace.
Edit workspace in NativeRest
NativeRest will switch to your new workspace when you create it. You can move between workspaces at any time by selecting from the dropdown Workspaces list in the upper left.