NativeSoft Account

Having a free NativeSoft account enables you to sync and back up your work so that you can access it from different machines. With a NativeSoft account, you can also collaborate with others on your API projects.

Signing up for a NativeSoft account is optional, and you can use the NativeRest desktop app without an account if you prefer. If you do want to create a NativeSoft account, continue to the Signing up for a NativeRest account section.

Signing up for a NativeSoft account

Before you sign up for a NativeSoft account, either download and open the desktop app or go to the signup page. To create an NativeSoft account, you will be required to enter:
• Email address
• Username
• Password
• Verification code

NativeRest sign up in web

Click on Sign up. When your account has been created, you will recieve an email confirming your account on the email address you registered.

Managing your active sessions

You can manage your active NativeSoft sessions by selecting your avatar in the NativeSoft header, then selecting Active Sessions. You can view all of the devices you're signed in to NativeSoft on and revoke any sessions you no longer use or recognize. You can also choose to Revoke all sessions.

NativeSoft sessions list

Deleting your account

Deleting your account is an irreversible operation. Any data synced to your account will be deleted and no longer be accessible.

You can permanently delete your NativeSoft account in your account settings. Login to the web account, then select Security page. Click Delete my account. Before deleting your NativeSoft, browser will prompt you to type "delete my account" to confirm that you own the account.