Environment variables

An environment is a set of variables you can use in your NativeRest requests. You can use environments to group related sets of values together and manage access to shared NativeRest data if you are working as part of a team.
Click Variables on the main menu or use shortcut Ctrl + E to open the environment editor.
NativeRest variables window
Select an environment's name to open the editor of variables. To create a new environment, click New on the left pane. Enter a name for your environment, and initialize it with any variables you need — you can alternatively specify variables for the environment later.

Adding environment variables

You can add variables to an active (currently selected) environment on the right editor.
Enter a name for your variable, equals symbol, and specify value, for example:
username = William

Accessing environments

You can access your environment variables from NativeRest and from your request elements, including the URL, parameters, body data, and test scripts. For the list of all your environments, select Environments in the sidebar.
NativeRest accessing environments

Workspace variables

A workspace variables is assigned to every workspace within NativeRest and can be accessed via the workspaces manager Ctrl + W. Variables in the workspace are available throughout the entire workspace, even if other environments are defined. A common use for the workspace variables is to store default variables that will not change across production, staging, or development services such as resource names, languages, sample data, etc.
Edit workspace in NativeRest