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2.1.0 – May 29, 2024

β€’ Added cookies management
β€’ Added filter to request list
β€’ Ability to set a variable from response
β€’ Ability to pin a request
β€’ Ability to reformat code
β€’ Improved workspace creation window
β€’ Improved shortcuts for opening panels
β€’ Fixed long base64 auth
β€’ Fixed misc bugs

2.0.0 – April 26, 2024

β€’ Ability to send a form
β€’ Added JSON path filter
β€’ Added Bulgarian UI language
β€’ Added Japanese UI language
β€’ Added filling Content-Type header when changing body type
β€’ Preserve state when switching between requests
β€’ Improved file panel, checking file existence
β€’ Fixed a freezing when deleting a workspace
β€’ Fixed other bugs

1.9.0 – April 3, 2024

β€’ Added bottom panels: Workspaces, Variables, Console, Find, Code snippets
β€’ Redesign of variable autocomplete
β€’ Improved keyboard shortcuts to select and move text
β€’ Added shortcuts to select request tab
β€’ Added switch to change Pane-view
β€’ Implemented smooth scrolling
β€’ Improved UI performance
β€’ Added console panel
β€’ Added search requests panel
β€’ Ability to send attachment in feedback
β€’ Ability to enter square brackets in URL
β€’ Increased token field length to 8192 characters
β€’ Fixed other bugs

1.8.0 – February 18, 2024

β€’ Added keyboard shortcuts to select and move text
β€’ Sending options: delay and repeat interval
β€’ Ability to change Working directory
β€’ Reset application settings to default
β€’ Sorting workspaces by name
β€’ Ability to cancel request deletion
β€’ Added traditional Chinese UI language
β€’ Fixed a bug in entering characters on the French keyboard
β€’ Fixed a bug when creating a cloud workspace
β€’ Fixed a bug when duplicating a request
β€’ Fixed some import bugs
β€’ Fixed other bugs

1.7.0 – December 10, 2023

β€’ Added select MIME-type of request body
β€’ Ability to send binary files
β€’ Added Digest auth method
β€’ Added default headers setting
β€’ Added editor settings
β€’ Added simplified Chinese UI language

1.6.0 – November 6, 2023

β€’ Import via drag and drop
β€’ Move requests to another workspace
β€’ View SSL certificate details
β€’ Added multilingual for the installer
β€’ Added Portuguese UI language

1.5.0 – October 26, 2023

β€’ New import window
β€’ New export window
β€’ Added HAR format support
β€’ Added validate SSL certificates setting
β€’ Added response timeout setting
β€’ Added follow redirects setting
β€’ Improve Shortcuts window

1.4.0 – September 27, 2023

β€’ Automatically switch light and dark themes
β€’ Use system language by default
β€’ Added dark theme for the installer
β€’ Added password toggle button
β€’ Added confirm email window
β€’ Added reset password window
β€’ Added line counters on tabs
β€’ Ability to switch response view (raw and pretty)
β€’ Display images in the response
β€’ Added response MIME-type

1.3.0 – August 24, 2023

β€’ Application scaling setting
β€’ Added context menu icons
β€’ Added feedback window
β€’ Misc other improvements

1.2.0 – August 6, 2023

β€’ New window "Variables"
β€’ Added global variables
β€’ Added nested environment variables
β€’ Redesign of autocomplete
β€’ Added variable hints
β€’ Improved select environment
β€’ Misc other improvements

1.1.0 – July 11, 2023

β€’ Multilingual user interface
β€’ Custom HTTP methods
β€’ Import cURL commands
β€’ Simple testing

1.0.0 – June 25, 2023

β€’ Import and export collections
β€’ Local and cloud workspaces
β€’ Improve autocomplete
β€’ Colored title bars
β€’ Manual check for updates
β€’ Portable version
β€’ Misc UI improvements

0.9.0 – February 22, 2023

β€’ New design main window
β€’ Added status bar
β€’ Display cookies
β€’ Select auth method
β€’ Ability to change sidebar width
β€’ Improved code editor behaviors
β€’ Saving and restoring selected space and request
β€’ Save responses to cloud

0.8.0 – January 25, 2023

β€’ New HTTP library: support HTTP/2
β€’ Improve settings form
β€’ User-Agent settings
β€’ Proxy server settings
β€’ Added upload avatar button
β€’ Improve UI components

0.7.0 – January 8, 2023

β€’ Managing environments
β€’ Added recycle bin
β€’ Improved select and list components
β€’ Improved code editor behaviors
β€’ Misc UI improvements

0.6.0 – February 23, 2022

β€’ Added welcome window
β€’ Added sign up window
β€’ New edit control
β€’ New message dialog design

0.5.0 – January 23, 2022

β€’ Keyboard shortcuts
β€’ Improved requests list
β€’ New context menu
β€’ Added workspaces window
β€’ Open files (Ctrl + O)

0.4.0 – December 12, 2021

β€’ Generating code snippets
β€’ Added dark theme

0.3.0 – December 5, 2021

β€’ Created new text editor: syntax highlighting, high performance
β€’ Added system and workspace variables
β€’ Saving and restoring a responses
β€’ Added duplicate a request button
β€’ Renaming a request by double-clicking
β€’ Created notifications
β€’ Code signing certificate to the application
β€’ Improved high-DPI scaling

0.2.0 – October 10, 2021

β€’ Save request and response to a file
β€’ Added methods PATCH, OPTIONS and HEAD
β€’ Saving and restoring a Form's Position
β€’ Created line numbers

0.1.0 – October 3, 2021

β€’ The first beta version
β€’ Sync with server
β€’ Submit GET, POST, PUT and DELETE HTTP requests
β€’ Multiple workspaces
β€’ Auto updater