NativeRest 2.0.0 is out today!

Today we are announcing the NativeRest 2.0.0 release! In this version, at the request of users, 2 languages have been added: Bulgarian and Japanese. It is also now possible to send the body in the format application/x-www-form-urlencoded. And that's not all, here's the full list of improvements:

βœ… Ability to send a form
βœ… Added JSON path filter
βœ… Added Bulgarian UI language
βœ… Added Japanese UI language
βœ… Added filling Content-Type header when changing body type
βœ… Preserve state when switching between requests
βœ… Improved file panel, checking file existence
βœ… Fixed a freezing when deleting a workspace
βœ… Fixed other bugs

NativeRest variables panel

To see the full list of improvements, check out the release notes. Found a bug or have an idea for a new feature or implementation?
Share your feedback with us in the comments, on Twitter, or in our issue tracker.
Happy developing! πŸš€