NativeRest 0.9.0 is released!

NativeRest 0.9.0 is now available!
This release build brings the long-awaited ability to work with auth methods, enhancements to the new UI, display cookies, and more.
βœ… New design main window
βœ… Added status bar
βœ… Display cookies
βœ… Select auth method
βœ… Ability to change sidebar width
βœ… Improved code editor behaviors
βœ… Saving and restoring selected space and request
βœ… Save responses to cloud
NativeRest Release 0.9.0
To see the full list of improvements, check out the release notes. Found a bug or have an idea for a new feature or implementation?
Share your feedback with us in the comments, on Twitter, or in our issue tracker.
Happy developing! πŸš€