NativeRest 0.3.0 is released!

NativeRest 0.3.0 is now available with numerous improvements and cool new features!
You can download the new version from a download page, update directly from the desktop application.
Below are the most notable quality improvements in the new version:
βœ… Created new text editor: syntax highlighting, high performance
βœ… Added system and workspace variables
βœ… Saving and restoring a responses
βœ… Added duplicate a request button
βœ… Renaming a request by double-clicking
βœ… Created notifications
βœ… Code signing certificate to the application
βœ… Improved high-DPI scaling
Among other things, the latest NativeRest version is more pleasant to look at, as it comes with new refreshed icons in the desktop UI!
NativeRest system variables
For the full list of resolved issues, please refer to the release notes.
If you spot any issues, please report them via our issue tracker.
Happy developing! πŸš€